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My name is Willis Smith....

I have been in this business since 1992. I love what I do as a Loan Officer and I have placed many people into houses. This work is very gradifying for me because it allows me to help people who sometime believe they are beyond help. I believe that No One is beyond help!

Believe me, if there is a way to make you succeed, I will try to find it!



The purpose of this site is to not only give you some information about who we are, but to help you with your loan process.

So....I have included two areas I believe will get the ball rolling on your behalf. One is the Loan Application Area and the other is the Pre-Qualification Area.

If you are concerned about qualifying for a mortgage, then go to the Pre-Qualification area, click on the request button, fill out the information and I will send you the results just as soon as possible.

If you would like to start the loan process, then go to the Loan Application area, click the request button and fill out the information. I will send you the 1003 Residential Mortgage Loan Application for you to fill out and return back to me.


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Can you believe how Americans have been fooled for so long by a 30 year fixed rate.  That ammortization schedule is the biggest gimmick ever.  No wonder the banks are so rich.  An ammortization schedule means Front End loaded interest!  People stay in their home usually 5 years then buy another home and restart the whole thing again.  You don't start paying on your home until about 10 years into it.  Interest only is the way to go.  You control how much goes on principal instead of giving all of your money to the bank.

If you haven't considered this, then you may want to. Please contact me about this and let me put you into an "Interest Only Loan". It will save you a lot of money on your mortgage.

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